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Welcome to PRSOSTENIBLES, Our main aim is optimizing energy houses and buildings, as we consider all properties can be improved.
Comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings, architectural and energy, we offer will help you save on your bills, increase the value of properties and comfort of families.
Energy consumption of households depends on the climatic zone, orientation, construction quality, the level of equipment, the use made of the equipment, etc.. Fixed installations, ie, heating and hot water, assume the order of 65-70% of energy consumption, existing low cost measures that can reduce energy costs between 10% and 40%.

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Our technicians are highly experienced professionals in the industry, aware in rehabilitation home and building sustainably, using existing systems on the market to optimize energy consumption in your home.
Our main goal is the detailed study of your home or building, in order to get a monthly energy savings above 50%, on an average payback period.


(Our company is adhering to the Global Compact Network)

The Global Compact is an international initiative by the United Nations. Its aim is to achieve a voluntary commitment of companies in social responsibility through the implementation of ten principles based on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption rights.

Access the web:
Global Compact Sustainability

José Antonio Lares As a signatory of the Global Compact has included in its Annual Report 2013-14 the corresponding Integrated Progress Report, thus demonstrating its commitment to the involvement of the Ten Principles.

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Services Sustainable Rehabilitation Projects are geared to provide our customers reduced spending in bills of supplies, through a survey of your home or building constructed in an inefficient way to improve energy.
Get these services, in addition to reducing the cost of your bills, the client reach a greater commitment to the environment.

Technical reports

IEE, Building Assessment Report

By Building Assessment Report (IEE) proper maintenance and upkeep of the buildings is checked to prevent the ruin of them occur as a result of damage caused by improper maintenance. Compliance with the current regulations for universal accessibility as well as the degree of energy efficiency thereof is also checked.
The Evaluation Report will identify the property, stating your property reference and contain, in detail, the following information:
  • The assessment of the conservation status of the building.
  • The evaluation of the basic conditions of universal accessibility and non-discrimination people with disabilities to access and use of the building, according to the regulations, establishing whether the building is susceptible or not to make adjustments reasonable to meet them.
  • The certification of the energy performance of the building, with the content and by procedure established by the same regulations.

ITE Technical Building Inspection

Como resultado de la inspección se emite un informe que será:
Is a periodic technical inspection of buildings to determine their conservation status, conditions of stability, security, sealing, consolidation and livability.
As a result of the inspection a report will be issued:
  • Pro, if not necessary works, ie if the building meets the stability conditions, sealing and consolidation and structural conditions habitability and effective use.
  • Unfavorable, if necessary works to achieve these conditions.

EEC Energy Certification of Buildings


According to Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, from June 1, 2013, each dwelling or existing building that is subject to sale or rental of more than four months, has required to possess a Certificate of Energy Efficiency. To owners or tenants to compare and assess its energy efficiency. Thus, assessing and comparing the energy efficiency of buildings, promotion of high buildings will be favored energy efficiency and energy saving investments. What action will facilitate to reduce emissions and improve the energy rating of buildings.

Basic Justification Document HE, the CTE.

Our staff analyzes the performance of CTE-HE1, limiting energy demand, by choice overall (using the official LEADER program). Thus facilitating the supporting document compliance.

Report and / or Opinion Pathology in Construction

Reports and / or opinions on foundation conditions, structures, decks, humidity, construction defects, etc ...

Assessments and / or Real Estate Appraisal

Valuations of buildings, homes, premises, plots and plots.

Expert Reports

Expert Reports in expert appraisal procedures for the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Government of Andalusia.
Expert Reports at the request of third parties.
Judicial Assessment.

Assimilated to Out Records Management (AFO)

According to the Regulation of Urban discipline of Andalusia, regulates the scheme for existing buildings and undeveloped land settlements. Approved by the Decree 60/2010 of 16 March and Decree 2/2012 of 10 January.


We survey equipment (total station and GPS) to perform the following tasks:
  • Planimetric and altimetry measurements.
  • Measurement of land and plots.
  • Setting out of buildings and developments.
  • Georeferenced.

3D Surveys and Realistic Infographics.


We realize your projects in 3D, so that you can visualize your house before carrying out it, we also make the infographics of your project in the real environment where it will be built.

Technical projects

Architectural Technician Rehabilitation Project

The vast majority of existing buildings today, to be studied obtained a low energy rating, ie grades D, E, F and G. Specifically, less than 5% of the certificates were obtained properties grades A, B or C. These cases are almost exclusively in buildings that have been constructed or Reformed adapting to energy efficiency standards.
We study the particular case, to provide solutions that best fit your building. Performing the following types of work to get their better thermal behavior and / or improve natural lighting conditions:
  • Renovation and installation of windows or glazed openings, sun protection and shading as awnings.
  • Cladding or glazing of balconies and roofed.
  • Insulation in walls, roof or floor. That, in addition to allowing new plants to hide, reduce energy consumption of your home or building.
  • Installing skylights and / or skylights.
  • Bioclimatic or on walls or floors innovative solutions.
  • Demolition of walls to prevent the passage of natural light or translucent partitions and screens.
Also conducted on accessibility improvements, such as installing elevators, ramps and special lifting mechanism for people with disabilities.

Technical Project Efficient Facilities

The energy it uses, and constitutes 30% of your maintenance costs and tend to rise up soon 50%. We improved energy savings and can reduce up to 80% of its energy consumption home or building.
We perform the dimensioning, writing, visa and other administrative procedures as well as construction management thermal and electrical installations so these are as efficient as possible.
  • Electrical installations are changed completely and presence detectors and control systems are installed lighting.
  • Also hydraulic facilities are improving efficiency by controlling consumption and new plumbing fixtures.
  • Telecommunication facilities are improved by the installation of fiber optic video and porters.
  • You can not miss the automation for the climate control, consumption metering, lighting and building monitoring.

Technical Project Renewable Energy


Substituting different thermal systems options currently on the market: condensing boilers low temperature radiators, biomass boilers, pumps aerothermic, radiant floors and ceilings and heat pumps.
We install solar photovoltaic panels for electricity self-generation e-car charging and solar thermal for hot water.

Projects according to the Passivhaus standard

The Passivhaus standard is a demanding standard of energy efficiency. It combines HIGH INTERIOR COMFORT winter and summer, with a VERY LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, an AFFORDABLE PRICE.
Applied from 1991, when the first homes were built with this system in Central Europe. Nowadays There are over 15,000 examples built, of all types and function, distributed worldwide.
This standard does not presuppose types of products or materials, nor any architectural style. The low energy needing additional buildings can be covered easily from renewable energies, being assumption that such construction with energy cost of heating and cooling the planet zero.


In these houses an automatic ventilation of all rooms leading to a climate is used high quality interior, where virtually eliminates pollution and dust outside. Air outside passes through a filter system before being driven into the housing which results a very pure air. Also always try to use materials that are free of toxic substances, so that the indoor environment of your home is unbeatable.
Given the potential savings of this system and the lack of resources with which we are currently, we consider it necessary to disclose this type of more efficient buildings.

Technical Project Activity and / or Conditioning Local

We draw up the technical documentation for the operation of commercial buildings, in order to comply to different technical standards, environmental and municipal ordinances. The work we do are:
  • Projects Activity.
  • Conditioning Projects.
  • Activity Records.
  • Running Records.

Project Management

We manage the project from the initial phase of construction drafting, performing project management and delivering completely finished building. Doing work "turnkey" to meet the expectations of our customers with maximum comfort for them.

Mediation in technical conflicts


We inform and advise on assistance programs to existing rehabilitation, which can be accessed.
Aid and subsidies that are currently available are:
  • Ministry of Development - Program edificatoria building rehabilitation.
  • IDAE - Energy Programme for Rehabilitation of Existing Residential Buildings sector.
  • Andalusian Energy Agency - Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and employment:
    • Program to Promote Sustainable Construction in Andalusia.
    • Program for Sustainable Energy Development in Andalusia.

Ministry of Development

This program aims to finance the execution of works and maintenance and intervention in fixed installations and equipment itself, in the common elements and proprietary spaces, buildings collective residential typology, which meet the following requirements:
  • Be completed before 1981.
  • That, at least 70% of its floor area above ground has residential housing.
  • That, at least 70% of the houses form the habitual residence of the owners or tenants.
The actions in buildings should be directed to:
  • Conservation.
  • Improved quality and sustainability.
  • Provide reasonable accommodation for accessibility.
  • Maximum per household and per 100 m2 of premises: 11.000 €.
  • Maximum per building: 35% of the eligible cost of the action (exceptionally accessibility, and only on the appropriate heading to accessibility, it may be up to 50%).


  • Energy Programme for Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings Residential Sector
  • Enlace   PAREER Program - Registration  
  • Enlace   BOE-A-2013-10201   PDF
  • The resolution of September 25, 2013 established to promote integrated actions promote the improvement of energy efficiency and renewable energy use in the park existing residential sector, buildings launched a specific program of aid and funding, worth 125 million euros.
    The program covers actions related to the following types:

    • Improving the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope.
    • Improving the energy efficiency of heating and lighting.
    • Replacing conventional energy in biomass heating systems.
    • Replacing conventional geothermal energy in heating systems.
  • These actions should improve the overall energy rating of the building. This improved its energy rating may be obtained by performing one or more types of actions.
    They will be eligible for support under this program:

    • Natural and legal persons who own residential buildings (hotel use and housing).
    • The owner communities or groups of communities of owners of residential buildings housing use.
    • The owners of houses or the sole owners of buildings.
    • The energy service companies.
  • Deadlines for submission of applications:

    • The aid may be requested during the period from the day following the publication of this resolution in the Official Gazette and October 30, 2015.
    • Applications for participation will be made according to the form that is available on this site.

Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Job

  • 1.- Program to Promote Sustainable Construction in Andalucia
    • Enlace   Andalusian Energy Agency  
    • Enlace   Bulletin of the Andalusian   PDF
    • From 1 April 2014 the Andalusian facilitates the realization of performances savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy in existing buildings of Andalusia.
      The incentives granted under this program are intended for citizens, including owners' and housing cooperatives, through the completion of rehabilitation, reform, and fitness for use efficient facilities.
      With this program actions, partial or total, to be implemented by member companies will finance this Programme.
      You can be among the member companies Enlace   here   PDF

      • These actions may be:
      • Works buildings energy adequacy for their better thermal behavior and / or natural lighting conditions.
      • Works of provision of facilities energy efficient allowing savings in generation, distribution and use and the use of renewable sources.

  • 2.- Program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia, "Andalucía A +".
    • Enlace   Andalusian Energy Agency  
    • Enlace   Andalusian Energy Agency | Save home  
    • Enlace   Andalusian Energy Agency | Geothermal resources in Andalucia  
    • Enlace   Andalusian Energy Agency | Andalucía A+ Financing  
    • La Consejería de Economía, Innovación, Ciencia y Empleo de la Junta de Andalucía fomenta la cultura del ahorro energético y el uso de las energías renovables en los hogares andaluces, a través de la Agencia Andaluza de la Energía. Desde el año 2009 se han destinado más de 54 millones de euros en las subvenciones del Programa para el desarrollo energético sostenible de Andalucía, “Andalucía A+”.
      En los siguientes enlaces te proporcionan la información necesaria y las herramientas para acceder a las subvenciones, que podrás utilizar para:
      The Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Job Board Andalusia culture promotes energy savings and use of renewable energy in the Andalusian homes through the Andalusian Energy Agency. Since 2009 they have spent more than 54 million euros in Program grants for sustainable energy development in Andalusia, "Andalucía A +".
      The following links will provide the necessary information and tools to access subsidies, which you can use to:

      • Saving energy at home
      • Use efficient vehicles
      • Save energy or use renewable Neighbors in the Community
      • Use Renewable Energy at Home

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